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   "The time has come for low cost, well proven, natural, alternative cancer treatments to come out of the shadows and be the primary choice in cancer care. In fact, the time is long overdue.

    The challenge is educating medical doctors (MDs), patients, medical schools, and government agencies on how well natural alternative treatments truly work - and without dangerous side effects. 

    In the conventional medical system, the profit motive must take a distant 2nd place to safety and effectiveness"

        - Arthur C. Brown, Natural Cancer Therapy Consultant

          Farmington Hills, Michigan USA


      Alternative cancer therapies fall into six basic categories or types. Fortunately today we have many excellent choices within each of the six categories.  

  For lasting success, alternative care therapists have learned it's essential to use a therapy from each of the six categories as shown below - and to use them together. 

It need not be expensive, complicated or time consuming. This approach has proven itself for decades. 



the treatment is dietary and lifestyle, the response is immediate"

- Dr. Daniel C. Roehm M.D. FACP  

(Oncologist & former Cardiologist) 

in "Townsend Letter for Doctors".


  The world's 

  most important 

  Alternative Cancer

  Therapy Ebooks 



"Cancer, Step  

Outside the Box"



" ... by far the most complete and accurate review of alternative therapies I've seen in the 30+ years of my practice. I recommend all of our patients read this book now before we accept them for cancer care." 

 - Dr. Ernest Cohn MD








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     Do you, like most people, think of finding a "magic bullet" therapy to beat cancer? An herb, a drug, a treatment? Most people do. This all too human tendency, however, simply does not  work regarding cancer. Unhappily for millions who have been victims of this dread disease over the decades, flawed thinking of this type plagues the drugs-and-surgery obsessed conventional medical system. 

Alternative practitioners believe that the body's defense mechanisms know how to prevent and heal cancer far better than any scientist, doctor, university or government agency. We are, after all, a product of thousands upon thousands of years of evolution. 

The role of the alternative doctor or therapist today then becomes twofold:

1. Remove pollutants and toxins in the body known to cripple the healing process 

2. Give the body the best tools and equipment, meaning herbs, vitamins, oxygen, minerals etc., it needs to function at it's best 

     In studying the most successful alternative care doctors, clinics and hospitals worldwide, one soon sees a pattern emerging. They use more than one therapy at the same time - each having a different role. A top book on this subject is "An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer" by Diamond and Cowden. It describes the therapies developed by 37 of the most successful alternative cancer doctors, therapists and hospitals in the world. Although pricey (about $50), this book is a must-have reference for professionals and lay people alike. Every MD on earth should read this book before treating a cancer patient. So should state medical boards, and especially bureaucratic federal government agencies who proclaim they exist to "protect and serve". (Protecting and serving what is the question.)


The Six Fundamental Types of Alternative Cancer Therapies

1. Detoxification: The removal of internal toxins we get from our environment, and metabolic waste material which builds up over time inside the body, is a key concept to restoring health in any disease. It's a cornerstone of alternative cancer treatment centers. The body must constantly devote enormous energy and resources to protect itself against the effects of internal pollution - resources far better spent fighting cancer. Toxins come from ...
  • Pesticides in or on food

  • Lead, chlorine and other industrial chemicals in drinking water

  • Hormones and antibiotics pumped into food by agri-business

  • Industrial pollution and automotive pollution that fills the air we breathe

  • Modern over-processed foods that are very difficult for the body to break down and digest

  • Chemicals in the soaps, lotions, and other personal products used daily

In fact, depending on who you read, estimates range between 40,00 and 65,00 pollutants in our air food and water today that never even existed in nature prior to the industrial revolution starting in the 1800s.

Alternative clinics and hospitals drain the lymph system using massage therapy and herbs. Chelation therapy (oral or intravenous) cleans out the arteries and blood and can remove toxic metals like mercury, cadmium and lead. Colon and digestive system cleansing are standard. There other procedures.

2. Strengthening the Immune System:  One of the tragic side effects of chemotherapy is a severe weakening of the immune system - the body's primary defense against cancer. Today many safe, highly effective, over the counter, immune system building and/or repair preparations are available from health food stores and on the Internet - all at reasonable cost. Extracts from various medicinal mushrooms like Corriolus, Mitake and Ganoderma (Reishi) and compounds like colostrum, lactoferrin etc. have proven to enhance the body's ability to fight cancer and other degenerative diseases. 

3. Enzymatic Therapies:  "Enzymes are life", as many like to say. Besides digesting food, the body uses them in creating energy, fighting disease and in hundreds of other metabolic activities. Human biochemistry is all about converting one chemical compound into another - mostly with the help of enzymes. In fact, Edward Howell in his important book "Enzyme Nutrition" claims we are by mass 80% enzymes. 

Certain proteolytic enzymes (protein digesting enzymes) are used to digest a cancer cell's tough protein coating, or outer cell wall. This "armor plate" is a remarkable technique cancer cells have developed to protect themselves from our immune system. In short - it hides them. Protein digesting enzymes eat away at this outer wall which leaves the cell vulnerable to the immune system's NK cells (also called leukocytes or white blood cells). The NK cells can then recognize the cell as dangerous and defective and go to work dissolving it. Enzymes are usually abundant in raw foods. But for decades, the modern diet has been focused on cooked and processed foods. As critical as they are to all life processes, enzymes are fragile and easily destroyed by cooking temperatures about 115 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

4. Oxygenation/pH Therapies:  Scientists, researchers and therapists call oxygen a cancer cell's worst enemy, and point out that cancer can't exist at all in an oxygen rich tissue environment.

 In 1934, the brilliant German scientist Dr. Otto Warbug was awarded a Nobel Prize for his landmark contribution in understanding the fundamental cause of cancer - a lack of sufficient oxygen in the tissues. As a result, alternative therapists have been developing ways and means of getting extra oxygen into the body for decades. These include hyperbaric oxygen chambers similar to the type used for deep sea divers, peroxide compounds which release oxygen once in the body, ozone, and even oxygen pills and liquids

To this day, the conventional for-profit drugs and surgery medical system does not employ one single therapy based on Warburg's breakthrough scientific discovery in 1934. Many, including this writer, call it a crime against humanity.  

In order to understand the ability of bodily fluids and tissues to absorb and use oxygen, we need look at so-called pH - short for concentration of the hydrogen proton, or as others say Percentage of Hydrogen. This is the degree to which bodily fluids are acidic, or the opposite, alkaline. Cancer cells thrive in acid conditions, as acidic bodily conditions will drive oxygen away. Alkaline conditions tend to absorb oxygen. Thus, the pH therapies to adjust the acid/alkaline balance which tremendously influence oxygen absorbtion.

5. Dietary Therapies: Virtually all alternative care practitioners, clinics and hospitals immediately focus on a patient's diet. There are many good books and websites on this subject. To find a Certified Nutritionist (CNs) near you familiar with cancer care, see www.certifiednutritionist.com. Ask about their experience with cancer diets. CNs are generally far more open to alternative approaches than are Registered Dieticians who typically work closely with conventional MDs.. 

6. Mental and Emotional Aspects:  For many people, this topic may be difficult. It touches on three little-considered aspects of therapy: The patients attitude toward alternative therapies, the patient's attitude toward getting well at all, and the emotional or mental states which may be at the true root of their cancer. The best alternative clinics and hospitals address these issues believing negative mindsets or emotional states can not only cause the disease, but can also prevent any hope of recovery no matter what kind of therapy is used - alternative or conventional. 

Again, using all 6 of the above together is the secret to greatest success.

To get all of them in one clinic or hospital is very difficult in the USA. The FDA won't allow it. 


As time is passing though, clinics and hospitals in some forward looking states 

like Arizona, Washington (state), California and Minnesota are coming closer.



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