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  Cancer's Grim Rise

  in the USA alone


   2014:  1 in 3*     

   1980:  1 in 7        

   1950:  1 in 12        

   1900:  1 in 100+ **


   *  Per National Cancer Inst.  

 * *  Conservative estimate based

       on remaining records

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  Sad to say, despite decades of using endless drugs, surgery and 

     radiation alone, cancer rates are virtually OUT OF CONTROL


The time has come that successful natural, non-toxic alternative cancer treatments are known 

about by EVERYONE - -  and used - - in the for-profit, conventional medical business!



 For decades now, inexpensive, proven, natural alternative cancer treatments have 

been ignored by the media ... and overlooked by the American medical profession! 


But plowing through the thousands of websites about them today is overwhelming. 

  How can anyone make a good decision about anything???

That's the purpose of this website. 


 First things first: Click here and get a free list of the 81 most important 

natural, alternative cancer treatments currently used in over 90 countries today. 


    They've been used for decades, and 

almost all have scientific studies behind them.


  Print out the list of these all-important therapies and give it to anyone 

you know concerned with cancer - especially their doctors! 

(Approx. 20 pages printed out)



Is all this hard to believe?


  It's fact.


  And here's another fact:  

 In the USA, over 550,000 people 

die every year from cancer despite

all the toxic chemotherapy, surgery 

and radiation they're put through. 

         Logo of American Cancer Society  

Did you know ... in 2009 the

ultra conservative "drugs and

surgery" only America Cancer

Society quietly published this 



It describes over 200 natural,

alternative ways and means

used to treat cancer worldwide.



  Something else you must know: Of course doctors (Oncologist MDs) want the 

best for you, but in American medical schools, these sincere, hard working people are not taught

a thing about decades-old natural cancer therapies proven to work - Nothing.


  Radiation, drugs and surgery are it! That's 3 of the over 200 known ways 

and means in use around the world now to successfully treat cancer. Yes, 200!


     A shocking and troubling message here to be sure, but       

        this subject is far too important to cover up or sugar coat.              


Quietly behind the scenes, many natural alternative treatments have proven 

highly effective against cancer since the 1920s. Yes, some are that old - the 1920s! 


Essiac blended herbs, for example. (Do a search on Renee Caisse)  And others are newer. 


But due to decades-old, ANTIQUE FDA regulations, MDs have been stopped from 

using them, no matter how well they work. The way of the world in our time. 


Furthermore ... the general public is never told a thing about all this. And still 

today, our sincere doctors (MDs) are taught drugs, radiation and surgery - period.


       Sadly, TV, radio and newspapers rarely mention anything about natural

  alternative cancer treatments proven to work for decades. Why? It makes the mainstream 

medical system look terrible - and the media network look controversial or radical. It will anger their 

many well-funded drug company advertisers. It could even invite lawsuits and action by the FDA. 


Again, the way of the world


Only in books, CDs and websites can you learn about this.   

Due to the old, outdated federal laws medical doctors who treat cancer 

in the "drugs and surgery" medical business MUST use chemotherapy, radiation 

and surgery only. The are reasons behind this - and they're political. But the tangle of 

politics regarding conventional cancer therapy is a subject for another entire website.


  Few people realize that since the 1920s, quietly behind the 

scenes, millions of people worldwide have successfully treated 

cancer with proven, low-cost, natural, alternative cancer treatments.


And yes, there are various kinds of doctors today who quietly specialize in them. 

Get any of the leading ebook directories below if you want to find them near you. 




See the most commonly used therapies for yourself: Get this free list of 

81 natural alternative cancer treatments used around the world today.

(Approx. 20 pages printed out)


A Free Public Service



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are perfect ways to get this life saving information out. 




  Note that most all of these 81 therapies already have published scientific studies

 behind them. Give this important list to anyone with cancer - including their doctors!



   Yet here's another ironic problem .... proven natural 

alternative cancer treatments and remedies are very low in cost.


This works against them - a tragic irony. There's not enough profit to

 cover regular cancer MD's salaries, malpractice insurance, hospital staff, fees, 

hospital supplies, equipment etc., etc. ... again, the way of the world.


       But with our out-of-control cancer rates today, these proven natural therapies

      must be used ..... we no longer have a choice. Note cancer statistics above.



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Be sure to get the Free List of 81 

successful natural alternative cancer 

therapies proven effective - worldwide.


  Give it to anyone you know concerned 

with cancer ...... including doctors.


MD students are not taught them

  in conventional (MD) medical schools.



A Free public service.

Approx. 20 pages printed out



  If you are truly serious, you must get up-to-date

 guidance on choosing the right therapy and finding

  doctors, therapists, clinics and hospitals for you.


 How? Get one of the leading ebooks below. 

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 cancer consultant Arthur C. Brown. 


natural alternative cancer treatments and therapiesUsing alternatives for cancer is 

not a do-it-yourself project.


  The following publications provide you with 

expert guidance in finding the right natural alternative cancer therapies, doctors and hospitals.


All carry a no-questions-asked 60 day money back guarantee.

 No need to go it alone. For those truly serious, here are 

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natural alternative cancer treatments and therapies right for you.

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"Cancer Free, 

4th Edition"


natural alternative cancer treatments therapies


Join the 3.000+ people who have read this amazing ebook and are cancer free today as a result. For many years, this premium publication has been a

popular and well respected resource.





"The German Cancer Breakthrough"


natural alternative cancer treatments therapies


The remarkable success achieved by six amazing German Cancer Clinics using a particular therapy not allowed in the USA. 


Former US President Ronald Reagan attended one when he had cancer.







natural alternative cancer treatments therapies




No Questions Asked 

60 Day Money Back

 Guarantee on all ebooks.




  Quietly behind the scenes, people all over the world have successfully treated cancer using low cost, proven, non-toxic, natural, alternative treatments.


The problem is, the general public never hears a thing about it ... television, newspapers and radio rarely cover this. Only the Internet does!  Worse, our sincere hard working MDs are NOT taught anything about successful natural therapies for cancer in their medical schools or post-grad internships. They learn drugs, surgery and radiation - period.


  In fact, over the decades well over 200 proven alternative ways and means to successfully stop cancer cold have been found ... Yes, 200+.  


  The popular, well-respected ebooks shown here tell you how to get the right therapy for you and find the right natural care doctor or clinic/hospital for you. 


 Always work with a physician who's skilled in using alternative cancer therapies of course. This is NOT a do-it-yourself project. Unhappily, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computers, made this tragic mistake not long ago. 




 With our out-of-control cancer rates today (see stats above), all doctors and patients everywhere must know about these wonderful natural alternative cancer therapies and remedies proven successful for decades!



   "The time has come for low cost, well-proven, natural, alternative cancer treatments to come out of the shadows and be our first choice in cancer care, not a desperate last choice. In fact, the time is long overdue. 

    "The challenge we face is educating medical doctors (MDs), patients, medical schools and government agencies on how well natural alternative cancer treatments truly work - and without the dangerous side effects that plague lab-created commercial medicines. 

    "Bureaucracy and the profit motive in any health care system can never be held more important than the life of the patient."

      - Arthur C. Brown, Natural Cancer Therapy

          Consultant, Farmington Hills, Michigan


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"Information: The True Cure for Cancer"

- A. C. Brown. Therapy Consultant





"Cancer, Step  

Outside the Box"


natural alternative cancer treatments therapies


" ... by far the most complete and accurate review of alternative therapies I've seen in the 30+ years of my practice. I recommend all of our patients read this book now before we accept them for cancer care." 

 - Dr. Ernest Cohn MD










"CANCER IS EASILY  CURABLE ....  the treatment is dietary and lifestyle, the response immediate."

Dr. Daniel C. Roehm M.D. FACP  Oncologist & former Cardiologist in "Townsend Letter for Doctors".




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